Winshare is created and is managed by 2 people, we are not a company, Winshare Manager and other software will be voluntarily made and updated, Winshare is not commercial and has no annoying ad's in the program, the below packages Premium and Ultimate are Donation ware with income of these packages, we can continue working on the winshare Manager, pay for hosting costs and buying software packages for the development of the Winshare Manager. After buying a package, you get your directly your download link and you can begin sharing your folders and files.

What is the Winshare manager?

The Winshare manager is a utility that you can download here free and is easy to use on all of your computer's. If sharing files or folders not working within your own network, Winshare manager helps your to solve your problems on the sharing protocol. Even if the second device requires a user ID and password the Winshare manager can correct this error.

How does it work?

Do you have such a problem with the settings of your network permissions, then the program automatically detects that there is a problem with the sharing rights within your network and this will show you in an easy overview.
You will see a message to the right of the screen that there are problems with your network. The program asks permission to resolve the problem, below you can choose which folders you wish to share.In the case of a problem with your registry, the Winshare Manager put this on your request properly. Changing setup program helps you to restore the correct settings.Without that you keep notes of what the Winshare manager assistant your network in mind. It checks whether the folders and files shared on the right way, if you add new folders or files to an existing shared folder will Winshare Manager immediately register as a shared folder or file. therefore you do not have to wait until the files your computer has registered as a shared folder ..You can Winshare Manager always have to launch this can be found in your start menu or when you have chosen during setup on your desktop. The winshare Manager is also your help in simply creating a new shared folder or a new shared folder. This is done by the Winshare Manager icon on your desktop, click the icon or use right of the taskbar.

Android Use:

( premium & Ultimate only )

Share your computer content with any android device! play movies or music directly from your computer!

It allows connecting to shared folders hosted on Windows or Samba servers over Wifi/3G/4G. It allows managing several connections with authentication. It comes with both a device file browser and a SMB file browser. It provides download and upload support for files and folders. It can synchronize folders. You can rename, delete, get file details, create folders open local and remote files. It comes with share feature for gallery. WINS server, LMHOSTS and broadcast address options are available for name resolution. Browse and transfer intents are available for third party applications. Root access is not needed.

to access your shared document created with the Winshare Manager your need the following app on your android device: click here



Package: Gratis Premium Ultimate
Number of computer installations 2 6 unlimited
Unlimited Folders & File Sharing
Network Performance Test  
Windows 7, XP & Vista Compatible
Windows Server 2003 | 2008 | 2011 | 2012  
Direct Folder Push  
Registry repair tool for folder sharing
Cache DNS cleanup
Premium ticket support  
Skype Support    
Remote Support ( Teamviewer )    
Automatic program update's
Compatible for sharing on Android Devices  
Business Use    
Price: Free! € 9,99
Discount €4,99
Discount €9,99
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